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Website Design / SEO:

  • Website Design: Do you need a website designed? We will help you create a website to your liking. Having a website will increase your business drastically and more customers will be able to find you which results in more sales. In order for us to help you create a website, please contact us Here. Tell us your idea and we will give you a free quote/estimate.


  • Search Engine Optimization: Do you need SEO Services? If you’re not on the first page of Google, we’re here to help. We will do keyword research to find the best keywords for your website to rank in. Ranking for keywords increases your visibility on Google Search results which results in more traffic to your website. We work within search engine guidlines to deliver the best results for your business
    Please contact us Here with your website and we will do a free estimate/quote. If you already have a few keywords in mind, list them.


Server Configuration/Domain/Web host Set up:

  • Web host/Domain/Email Set up: Don’t have a website yet but are wanting one? We’re here to help with that. We will help you set up your Website(Must have pre-made website, or purchase Website Design Services), Domain, and Email. Contact us Here.



Business Social Media/Management Services

  • Evaluation Package – $149:We will be doing a comprehensive evaluation or your online web presence – from your website, blog, and traffic solutions, to your
    use of Social Media, Video Marketing, this will include a one on one call where we will walk you thru the results, we will help you and tell you where there needs to be improvement.
    We will show you how to consolidate your efforts and maximize your businesses results.
  • Basic Package – $249 (Upgrade from Evaluation – $100):Our basic package will include setting up to three social media profiles of your choice, and basic networking
    of the profiles together with each other and or your blog or website. We will set up the accounts and intregrate them, and show you how they work.
  • Monthly Maintenance – Minimum 3 Months – Starter Package – $147 Setup – $450/Month:Our Basic Monthly Package will include management of 3 Networks of your choice, 1-2 Updates per day, deleting of unwanted spam, online community/audience building, brand awareness, reputation management.
    • Business Package – Minimum 3 Months – $197 Setup – $1000/Monthy – The Business package offers all the services in the basic monthly package.
        This is a full service package, where we will assist you with content creation and distribution, online community/audience building, reputation management/engagement on 3+ Networks,
        SEO, and Brand Awareness/Building.
      • Corporate Package – $247 Setup – Price: Contact for a free quote Here.


      • Coaching Program: – $249:Do you need help implementing a social media strategy? Then the coaching program is for you, the coaching program
        is 3 hours of coaching sessions to help you formulate your strategy. You will also recieve weekly guidance, this course goes at your own pace in 30 minutes to 1 hour blocks.
        • Custom Package: Have a custom package you want done but it’s not listed? We offer a variety of services. Just contact us Here!

        Alternative PBN(Private Blog Network) Posting:

        • 1 Powerful PBN Link – $25/Month – 20+ Trust Flow – 20+ Domain Authority
        • 2 Powerful PBN Links – $48/Month – 20+ Trust Flow – 20+ Domain Authority.
        • 5 Powerful PBN Links – $100/Month – 20+ Trust Flow- 20+ Domain Authority
        • 10 Powerful PBN Links – $150/Month – 20+ Trust Flow – 20+ Domain Authority.
        • 15 Powerful PBN Links – $200/Month – 20+ Trust Flow – 20+ Domain Authoriy.
        • 200 Powerful PBN Links – $1250 – 20+ Trust Flow – 20+ Domain Authoriy.

        We cannot supply you direct links to our PBN, although we can give you screen shots. You will receive an email shortly, for each link you purchase we will require 1 article, of at least 200+ words. We can supply this about your niche and make it SEO optimized, or you can provide one in email.

        Give us a Call or Contact Us Here to get started today.

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