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About The XElitEMedia Team

At XeliteMedia, we provide Search Engine Optimization, Website Design Services, Server Set ups(Apache, MySql, Cpanel, PhpmyAdmin), and Social Media Management.
we have the knowledge and the skills to make social media work for your business, we help business owners and managers get more out of Social Media and increase their presence in a variety of industries.

We help you rank with keywords for people to find your business in search results, this helps you get more customers and more traffic.

All you need to do is supply us with 3-5 keywords you want to rank for, for example: “Building Business Potential” would be one keyword/phrase. If someone were to type that into google, your website would show up as the first result.

We work with many companies in building websites to their liking, we specialize in Website Designing/Frontend/Backend. We will setup your server, domain, to get you started! A website will grow your business drastically.

The XeliteMedia team has several expertise that include:


  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Relationship Marketing.
  • Online Reputation Management.
  • Server Set up/Configuration
  • Website Design – HTML – PHP – MYSQL
  • Cloudflare Set up/Domain Configuration for DDoS Protection

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